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Renewable Energy, Energy Audit, and Sustainable Building

Preparation and certification for “green industry” jobs

Solar Panel ClassSkilled employees with specialized training in the growing renewable energy, energy audit, and sustainable building fields are in high demand. The Workforce Development Center (WDC) at Cincinnati State provides customized, hands-on training programs in each of these areas, many of which are the only of their kind in the region.

We’re at the forefront of developments in these green industries. You can be, too.

Reduce, reuse, retrain

Perhaps you’re a contractor or electrician seeking to prepare yourself or your employees for emerging opportunities. Maybe you’re intrigued by the advances in green industries and wish to direct your career path toward these growing fields. Wherever you’re coming from, WDC can help you to your goals with:

  • Customizable training programs, flexible enough to fit your busy schedule
  • Thorough preparation for industry-leading exams
  • Hands-on, relevant training, so you complete your program ready to work
  • Training opportunities that can be grouped together, so you can focus on a specific area or learn about a variety of topics

The Center offers training programs in renewable energy, energy audit, and sustainable building.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy replaces electrical energy generated by fossil fuels with energy developed from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and water. Recent technology improvements make renewable energy economically appealing, and the green movement has opened attractive state and federal rebate programs for the installation of renewable systems. As a result, qualified renewable energy professionals

For professionals interested in pursuing a career in this growing field, the Center offers:

As the only training center in Southwest Ohio approved for North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) installer certification, WDC provides not only the training needed to install solar energy systems, but also preparation for NABCEP certification. Many of the rebate programs offered in conjunction with solar energy sources require a NABCEP-certified installer, so the need for certified installers has increased and is growing.

BPI Energy Auditor Training

Energy auditors assess home and buildings and recommend modifications to protect them from external elements, reducing energy consumption, and optimizing energy efficiency. 

The Workforce Development Center serves as an official training and testing facility for the Building Performance Institute (BPI). In addition to training, WDC proctors written and field exams for BPI certifications in both weatherization programs offered.

For energy auditors, utility customer service representatives, housing inspectors, HVAC contractors, insulators, builders, remodelers, and other professionals who want to establish themselves on the cutting edge of housing performance technology, WDC offers:

BPI Building Analyst Professional (Home Energy Auditor)

  • Trains participants how to conduct whole-house energy audits
  • Teaches the relationship between all systems in a house and the effects on health, safety, comfort, and efficiency
  • Shares methods for building science fundamentals, energy conservation strategies, heat-loss calculations, duct testing and sealing and blower door testing
  • Provides recommendations for home improvement and maintenance opportunities to reduce energy consumption

BPI Building Envelope Professional

  • Provides additional training after achieving Building Analyst certification for new construction and remodeling contractors
  • Qualifies an individual to evaluate and perform home envelope sealing and air quality improvements


Your wise investment

WDC training is competitively priced and cost-effective, with a direct impact on quality of patient care and patient safety, productivity, performance, and efficiency. In many cases, financial assistance may be available. For employees with tuition reimbursement benefits, training costs may be paid in full or in part.

Latest schedules available

To request a current calendar of programs and courses, click here.

WDC is ready to meet your healthcare training needs. For more information about how we can help, please call (513) 569-1643 or email us.

State your business--and get the quality, affordable training you need—at the Workforce Development Center at Cincinnati State.

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