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Success Center (Tutoring Services)

Success Center enhances student learning

The Success Center at Cincinnati State serves as a resource to support, improve and enhance student learning. This is achieved through the combined efforts of faculty, staff and tutors.

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Success Center. For more information, email the Success Center or phone (513) 569-1614. Or,  To submit a tutoring request form online please follow these directions:


1.       Click Here to logon to the Cincinnati State portal.

2.      Make sure you are using the “Student” tab at the top, see illustration below:

3.      Scroll down to the Online Tutoring Request Form, click on the link and fill out the required information, be sure NOT to change the default Cincinnati State email address.



Who is eligible for tutoring?

Any student enrolled at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College may receive free tutoring assistance.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are students from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College who have received an A or B in their coursework. Tutors are interviewed, trained, and hired upon the recommendation of Cincinnati State faculty members. Students who meet these requirements and who are interested in becoming a tutor are asked to complete an application. Applications are available in Room 261 Main Building.

How soon will I get a tutor?

After completing your application, allow two working days to process your paperwork. Follow up by calling (513) 569-1614 to confirm your tutoring status, or stop by Room 261Main Building.

In what subjects is tutoring offered?

Tutoring can be provided for most courses when students request assistance.

What kind of help do tutors give?

Tutors can share ideas, interpret and clarify semesters, and guide their students’ efforts. However, they will not do the tutored student’s homework. They may answer questions and explain semesters and concepts, but may not correct written work before it is turned in. The student must attend class regularly, read the textbook, be prepared for tutoring sessions, have relevant questions, and complete all homework assignments. These efforts will facilitate academic success.

How often can I see my tutor?

You may work with your tutor for up to one hour each week per subject. You may elect to be tutored in up to two subjects per semester.

How many weeks is tutoring offered per semester?

Tutoring may begin at the start of a semester or later into the semester. All tutoring ends the 14th week of the semester.

What if I cannot make a tutoring session?

To cancel a session, you must notify the Success Center at (513) 569-1614 at least 24 hours before the scheduled session. This must be done in order to avoid being terminated from accessing tutoring services.


This service is provided as a supplement to the existing on-campus academic assistance (tutoring) options for students.
Students can receive help in Math (from remedial level through Calculus II), Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, etc.
For more information, visit

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