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MCI facilities combine the best of culinary and technology

If you make a visit to the Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State, you will be amazed at the state-of-the-art facilities and tools.

MCI includes two general instructional kitchens, an international kitchen, a pastry kitchen, a bakery kitchen and lab, a decoration lab, two garde manger kitchens, a butcher shop and fish shop, and a demonstration kitchen. The Summit, a restaurant staffed by MCI students, is also located here.

All kitchens are designed for clear visibility of demonstrations and optimal supervision of students and are equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • Self-contained cooler and food storage
  • Laptop computer docking ports and wireless capability
  • A camera over the demonstration area with viewing monitors strategically located in the instructional area
  • The two general instructional kitchens feature individual student workstations.

The International Kitchen has large cooking and preparation spaces. It is equipped with the latest devices and facilities, such as woks and pasta cookers, to prepare a wide range of ethnic and world cuisines.

The Pastry Kitchen is configured to demonstrate and teach every aspect of pastry arts. It is built specifically to support pastry degree and certificate programs. There are fully equipped workstations for each student.

The Decoration Lab is designed to teach every aspect of cake and pastry decoration. It is outfitted to teach basic and advanced decorating techniques.

The Bakery Kitchen is a fully-equipped bakery kitchen for volume production of retail products with a sales area. It is designed for training, education, and product testing. Professionals seeking industry certification often use this kitchen for their training. Bakery Hill is the kitchen’s companion retail outlet on campus. It features breads and pastries produced by students in the bakery kitchen.

The two Garde Manger Kitchens are designed specifically for cold food preparation. Students learn to prepare buffet platters and competition platters. Such work requires the spacious preparation areas that are found in these kitchens, as well as state-of-the-art technology.

In the Butcher Shop and the Fish Shop, students process an extensive variety of meats and fish for the Institute. The climate-controlled kitchen, which exceeds industry standards, allows students to handle fresh and smoked meats and fish.

The Demonstration Studio of the Midwest Culinary Institute is unparalleled among culinary education facilities in its technology and sophistication. The 200-seat theatre has full studio production capabilities, including live broadcasts, teleconferencing and video production. There is a high-tech sound system and multiple camera angles on the demonstration area, which feed to large monitors for maximum visibility. Demonstrations can be broadcast throughout the Cincinnati State campus and to local or national television stations and networks. Celebrities and guest chefs frequently utilize this studio.

The Summit is a public facility with seating for 90 guests. It is designed for an elegant dining experience. The kitchen associated with the restaurant serves both classical and modern cuisine. It provides an excellent simulation for students in cooking, service and management.

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